Undertow ;"(

2008-05-25 14:47:48 by Dark-Phire

Brb. Tissue. *sniff*

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2008-06-03 22:53:42

Nice horns?


2008-06-17 20:19:06

Is that Pain of Salvation I see? I have One Hour by the Concrete Lake. amazing album. Actually, that's where I got my profile pic.

Dark-Phire responds:

If you're impressed by One Hour, than you should REALLY check out Entropia, TPE pt. 1 and Remedy Lane.

You will shit a brick when you realize how much better material they have.


2008-06-18 21:38:03

really? I'll be amazed if I hear a song that I like more than New Year's Eve. I can't listen to that song without singing along and tapping my lap. Well, I do plan on getting more of their albums sometime.

Also, if you haven't already, you should check out Transatlantic. It was a great prog rock band. Daniel Gildenlow from PoS worked with them (I don't think he was a member, though) and they had Mike Portnoy from DT, Roine Stolt from the Flower Kings and the Tangent, and Neal Morse from Spock's Beard. Sadly, they're split up now.

Dark-Phire responds:

Wow, really?
Dude, you'd f-in love it. Entropia has to be one of their most versatile albums I've heard to date; Funk, Blues, and even some Hip Hop elements are found in it. It's #4 on my favorite albums of all time. Indeed a masterpiece in the Progressive genre.

The Perfect Element pt. 1 and Remedy Lane are VERY close seconds.
TPE1 has a very dark and emotional feel, while Remedy Lane mixes it up with melodic and harmonious compositions.

In all honesty, One Hour is on the bottom of my list of great PoS albums.
Honestly, after you listen to the aforementioned albums, you'll gladly feel the same.

OHbtCL is very... bland compared to the rest of their albums; not to say it sucks or that it's BAD - But once you get into their other material you can see how different it is. I remember Daniel Said in a interview that OHbtCL is near the bottom on his favorite albums lists.

Not trying to insult it at all, I love Handful of Nothing, Inside and Inside Out. It's a great album, just that there's so much better.

Also, I've heard about Transatlantic and how Daniel and a whole others guys from other bands were in it. Are they any good? Never got around to listen to them.


2008-06-21 00:03:45

Well, everything else sounds good, but I don't care for hip-hop influence. Is it that prevalent?

Yeah, Transatlantic is really good. I especially like the song Mystery Train.

Dark-Phire responds:

Well, there are a few SMALL parts in Entropia that are hip-hop influenced.
Not in the "UNST UNST CRYSTAL WAY", I mean in like... A very passive-ride type of way. You can feel the rhythm of the beat (which sounds cheesy, but it's great mixture of 2 elements.)

It's not nu-metal-y in anyways.


2008-08-12 16:35:21

Just want to say thanks, you've just introduced me to a kick ass band :]


2009-03-20 16:31:01

Your tactics are mind numbingly brilliant. I had a mountain of links for reply. But your last sentence forced me to concede. You win.

And now you will be wondering what the hell I'm talking about.