Christmas 'n' Stuff

2007-11-26 01:12:44 by Dark-Phire

Christmas is just 'round the corner.
WHAT AM I GETTING?! You ask? As far as I know, nothing. I've been pissing my parents off too much this year so they decided to punish me. Yep, no presents this year.

I'm actually not too bummed. I've got everything I've wanted up to now.
CS3, a decent computer, a very nice ISP. A nice TV in my room. I'm happy. They're probably just teasing me, though. Something tells me they might just hand it off to me once the day comes.

My grades, my grades... I'm not doing too well. Mostly really low scores on tests.
I'm charismatic with classmates and teachers. I guess I just need to focus on my classwork a bit more. A winter dance is coming up at my school. I don't see why I should go this year. Seems no boy is interested this time around.

Maybe I should ask a boy to go with me? Nah. I'm far too shy and lazy.
So, what's going on this holiday with you?

Christmas 'n' Stuff


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2007-11-26 17:05:21

Whoops, sorry for that comment deletion.
Meant to delete my reply, cellardoor6.

But yes, I've been a girl for as long as I can remember. (16 years)


2007-11-27 14:33:51

I don't really like holidays because you have to be with somebody because of some kind of party or reunion with friends and/or family
I'm gonna be alone this "holiday"


2007-11-28 00:40:13

I could swear you used to say you were a guy.

And you said you wanted to "hit it" in reference to me, as well as saying my posts made you "hard". I was put off because I remember seeing that your profile said you were a male...

Are you having an identity crisis or something?

Dark-Phire responds:

It was an act. :O
I thought it was apretty funny thing to pull off.

But I still love you, hunnybunny.


2007-11-28 15:54:49

WTF?!! All of a sudden you´re a girl? Stop pulling our legs. I´ve seen pics of you ;)

Dark-Phire responds:

Brother's pics. :X


2007-11-29 01:20:40

This is a bit hard to believe.

If you're really a girl, take a picture of yourself with a piece of paper that says "hi newgrounds" on it or something.

For all we know you're really a 40 year old dude that decided to change your story.

Dark-Phire responds:

Oh, cellardoor.
Just take my word for it - I'm a female.

Actually, now that I think about it, where is my webcam...
If I find it I'll take a picture, I suppose.


2007-11-29 16:18:32

Lol, wtf?! You´re really a girl? Like cellardoor said, i can´t really believe it. I mean what girl likes DT?! I need proof.

And i think this would be the perfect time to say ´tits or gtfo´, lol :P

Jus´ kiddin :)

Dark-Phire responds:

I'm with you guys, it IS hard to believe.
But I'm not lying, I'm a girl. Always have been.


2007-11-30 23:38:34

Ask me to go with you! :P



2007-12-01 12:05:51

Ok, so pics? And yeah, that pic you did of the tank is cool. nice touch adding in the Systematic Chaos albulm cover in there :D

Dark-Phire responds:

Couldn't find me webcammy. :'(

The only other picture I've got of me on this thing is a picture that my friend took with his digital camera on Halloween. p?image=1195262361918jo0.jpg

Making obscene hand gestures with one of my lesser-known friends.


2007-12-02 08:27:41

If thats you on the left there, you´re pretty cute :D Nice ´hand gestures´ too.

Dark-Phire responds:

I'm a bit of ashamed for doing it.
I'm usually just a quite one having a laugh now and then, but I never go off to do anything like that - I was tempted by my friends. :'(

sdfa, not even a big deal.

But, thank you. :D


2007-12-03 11:30:27

lol, you shouldn´t be ashamed for doing that, it´s just a little hand gesture, no harm in it.
And you have nice eyes.....and horns xD
And how is it that a ´lil lady like you likes DT?

Dark-Phire responds:

I just like their sound, a lot.
I listen to a lot of progressive.

I hate that picture, though.
I'm wearing black nail polish, makes me look like some goth. >:(
The horns were fun to wear for that day.



2007-12-04 17:35:50

*Fixes eyes on Dark-Phire*

Dark-Phire responds:



2007-12-06 05:15:04

So, hows the search for a partner for the winter dance coming on?

Dark-Phire responds:

Eh, I'm not to interested anymore.

But I suppose if someone asks me, than I'll probably go.
If not, I'm staying home.


2007-12-10 01:48:32

Thats a shame, staying home on the dance night.

Dark-Phire responds:

Yeah, I've been a bit too busy lately. :'(


2007-12-13 15:35:45


Dark-Phire responds:



2007-12-14 18:58:17

Oh yeah, it's illegal for girls to ask guys out, i forgot.

Dark-Phire responds:

I knew it!


2007-12-18 17:30:20

Beh, school sucks. I hated the last couple of years, so much studying after school hours :(


2008-01-03 21:21:38

We never got to find out if you went to the dance or if you got any Christmas presents! :O


2008-01-10 17:31:17

The thing with the tank....Sweet and original.
Did you end up getting anything for Christmas?