It's TIME...

2008-02-06 13:31:31 by Dark-Phire

... for an interesting blog post.

I came to a realization the other day:

High school in the next year will come closer and closer to ending.
I've been thinking REALLY hard what I will be doing after I finish and (hopefully) get a GED.

What career to pursue?

I've been drawing since my elementary school days and It would be very nice to have a career in
animation, however... nowadays, I find myself going into periods of momentary doodling hiatuses.
I haven't finished a "complete" sketch in months. Just a while ago, though, I drew my own profile and I can see I still sorta' "have it".

I don't if you can call a good or great artist. I've gotten mix reviews from people over the years and it would seem like I'm the master of art. I KNOW inside, though, I'm not too great.

I stick to a pseudo-realism style. It comes out very colorful at times. Sometimes, however, it doesn't. What's funny is that I have this really odd skill of almost perfectly reproducing other people's art on my own paper. You can almost call it an exact copy. This, however, is one of my main problems:

I lack originality.

It's hard for me to create anything on my own. I can't draw anything without looking at a reference point beforehand. Hopefully that changes as time goes by and I learn to draw certain parts without the need to look at someone else's work of art. But, anyways, let's move on...

I've been working with Computers for about 3-4 years now. Been using Photoshop on and off for just as long.

Computing is probably one of those things I'm very comfortable with. I'm not a long-time user, though. I received my first PC as a Christmas gift around late '03; early '04. I've learned to maneuver this brilliant piece of hardware all on my own. (Well, with some help from my brother.)

I remember it was my brother who first introduced me to Photoshop. PS7, to be specific.
It was back when he and I used to lurk over at's forums. (Way back, just before TechTV and G4 merged.) He would usually use PS for the making of user forum art signatures.

I remember the first time I ever used PS.
I was confused to say the least. It had a very odd lay-out at the time and I had really no idea what I was doing. Needless to say, the first signature I've ever done for anybody looked like complete crap. All I did was pile on some images into a 400x150 or so sized image document and get to filter-whoring.

That was a long time ago, though. Now I consider myself VERY good.
Looking back now at my older works, I don't know what I was thinking. Now, though, I understand just about every part of PS; I know basic commands by heart. (Some advanced) I know what tools do what, I know what goes where, etc... I'm very comfortable using PS and helping anybody willing to learn.

I wouldn't call myself a teacher, but I think I could teach somebody a thing-or-two about how to use the program efficiently.

And last but not least...

I'm really, REALLY, really interested in the Culinary Arts.

Cooking! Something about it is just so... Interesting. Not to mention very useful.
Food Network along with some cooking-oriented image boards have sparked my interests.
I would very much enjoy a career in cooking. I can imagine it now! Working at a prestige and highly praised restaurant, going home and preparing my own 5-star meal. Damn.

However, I'm still not 100% how I would even begin to follow these types of careers.
College/Universities that specialize in these subjects are very expensive (I imagine they are, anyways.). I come from a low-to-middle income family. So who knows how I would be able to afford a single course.

But, anyways... Still few years to think about these, but I just felt the need to share my story.


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2008-02-07 06:51:58

So... you copied me.

Dark-Phire responds:

Influenced, yes. Copied? No.

Seeing as how I don't post as much as I would, there's really no point in making a thread about this. (As I was planning to do.) but I'm just gonna' let it bathe here for everybody to oogle at.


2008-02-10 08:50:30

GED hahahahaha loser.
oh wait kettle black.